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Medical Expert Witness

Professor Myerson has provided me with a number of high quality, balanced reports. He sets out his views very clearly which makes this complex area of medicine easier to digest. He Is also very responsive and a pleasure to deal with professional to professional.

Deborah Powlesland, Moore Barlow Solicitors

As a specialist cardiology expert witness, I produce a large number of expert reports a year, for both claimant and defence teams, including many national solicitors firms, the Medical Protection Society and Medical Defence Union. My experience includes many civil cases, employment tribunals, criminal cases and the Court of Protection. I am also a GMC expert witness in cardiology. I have undertaken extensive training as an expert witness, and I hold Cardiff University Bond-Solon Expert Witness Certificates in both Civil and Criminal Law. I am also a member of the Expert Witness Institute and the Federation of Forensic and Expert Witnesses. I am happy reviewing documents in hard copy or electronic form, and regularly review medical records on secure online portals. I have a secure email account for confidential communication, in addition to encrypted standard emails, and. Download my expert witness CV here.

Solicitors’ feedback is overwhelmingly positive, and I have been voted Lawyer Monthly magazine's cardiology expert witness of the year 2017 and 2019.

I cover most medico-legal areas, including:

  • Negligence (breach of duty)
  • Causation
  • Condition and prognosis

Typically my work will involve:

  • Reviewing a patients’ medical records
  • Assessing a patient directly in clinic, if required
  • Reviewing cardiac images – including cardiac MRI, Echocardiography and Nuclear Cardiology 
  • Producing a detailed report

I will give you a quote for my report, based on the anticipated time involved after your initial inquiry. Should you decide to proceed, the fees for my time, plus any travel expenses, are payable by bank transfer or cheque within 60 days of invoice. My fee schedule is available here, and my terms and conditions are here.

For more information 
If you would like to discuss a particular requirement you have for my expert witness services, please get in touch. My contact details are here.

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