NHS and Private Cardiologist Oxford
NHS and Private Cardiologist

I’m extremely grateful for all the excellent care and help given to me by Professor Myerson since my heart attack. I really appreciate the patience, time, and consideration shown to me, answering my numerous questions. This helped me greatly to come to terms with the shock of the heart attack, and in rebuilding my confidence. I could not have asked for more. 

MK, Oxfordshire

I would like to thank you and your team very much for the excellent care you have given my Dad. He is now feeling so much better. Throughout the past weeks we have always felt in very capable hands and particularly appreciated the time you have taken answering our numerous questions with patience and great kindness. 


Both my daughter and I very much appreciated your time, patience and understanding that was shown to us, and for providing us with such full and clear explanations to all my questions.

MM, Buckinghamshire

Here is more detail about the services that I provide for NHS and private patients in Oxford. My clinics and procedures take place either in the Oxford Heart Centre or the OCMR Unit (University of Oxford Centre for Clinical Magnetic Resonance Research). Both centres are situated on the John Radcliffe Hospital main site in Oxford and offer pleasant surroundings, friendly staff and senior, experienced clinicians. 

My clinics run mid-week during the day time and into the evening, and usually involve an initial consultation to understand the problem and get to the root of what is going on, and then follow-up consultations to discuss and monitor progress.

I offer the following diagnostic procedures to patients:

  • Echocardiography
  • Transoesophageal echocardiography
  • Cardiac MRI
  • ECG
  • Exercise ECG test
  • Ambulatory ECG monitoring
  • 24hr blood pressure monitoring
  • Cardiopulmonary exercise testing

Information on cardiac conditions/procedures 
The British Heart Foundation has lots of excellent advice for cardiac patients, including useful information & explanatory videos on all of the diagnostic procedures that I offer. Please use this link to access the relevant information from the BHF website. In addition, there is a good resource explaining many cardiac conditions and procedures on the BUPA website.

NHS Referrals 
If you are a General Practitioner and would like to refer an NHS patient for cardiac investigation then please book into my NHS clinic using the Choose & Book system/Direct Booking Service. If you are an NHS patient and would like to make an appointment to see me, then please ask your GP to refer you to my NHS clinic.

Private Referrals 
I am also pleased to see private patients who value the flexible, convenient appointment and shorter waiting times that I can offer.  If you are a General Practitioner and would like to refer a patient for a private consultation then please click here to send me a referral email. If you are a private patient and would like to see me for an initial consultation, please find my contact details here.

Private Fees
Self Pay – I charge an initial consultation fee of £350 (payable in advance).  I will tell you before that consultation if I think that extra investigations will be needed and how much these will cost. I will also give you a quote for any follow up procedures that are recommended.

Private Insurance – for those patients that are covered by health insurance, I charge within the limits of most of the major insurance companies. It is advisable to check with your insurer that you are covered before attending and to obtain an authorisation number. Please be aware that you may also be liable for any excess on your policy. Unfortunately I can no longer see patients who wish to use their BUPA health insurance, because my hospital Trust (Oxford University Hospitals) has not been able to agree suitable terms and pricing with BUPA. I am able to see patients from all other insurers, and self-pay patients.

Frequently Asked Questions
This section gives answers to some of the questions I am regularly asked by patients.

Will I get a copy of the advice that you give me?
Yes, I will send you a copy of the letter I write to your GP, explaining the issues and what the planned treatment is.

Will I get the results of my tests sent directly to me?
No, not usually. I will receive the test results and will normally arrange to discuss these with you in clinic, or write to you explaining the results and their meaning. This is so that I can explain the test results in context, or answer any further questions you may have. I am also happy to provide you with a copy of the test reports directly, if required.

How do I get in touch with you if I have follow-up questions?
You can contact my secretary by phone, email or letter and I will respond to you as soon as I can. 

Please note if you need urgent attention then you should contact your local GP or the emergency services in the normal way. 

If you advise me that I need some medicines, what is the process for me getting my prescription?
I will write to your GP asking him/her to prescribe these for you – it is important for your GP to be involved, to ensure all your medications are managed in one place. If your prescription is urgent, I can provide you with one for a short period of time (normally up to 2 weeks) until your GP can continue these – this would be either a private or an NHS prescription, according to how you were seen.

Do you have any lifestyle guidance that I should be following: healthy eating, smoking, alcohol consumption, staying active, stress management?
For more information on this, please use this link to the BHF website

Can you give me some advice about travelling with a heart condition?
For more information on this, please use this link to the BHF website

Can you give me some advice about travel insurance with a heart condition?
For more information on this, please use this link to the BHF website

Can you tell me more about the side effects of statins?
For more information on this, please use this link to the HeartUK website

Privacy statement
I take your privacy seriously. Your personal data is only used to administer your medical care. This includes communicating with other relevant medical professionals directly involved with your care (for example your GP or another hospital staff member carrying out a test). Following a consultation or test, I will write to your GP with a summary, and you will receive a copy of the letter. 

Your data will not be shared with others, and will be stored securely. I am registered as a data controller with the Information Commissioner. If you have any queries regarding the use of your data, please contact me here